Door Visor

Benefits of AG Door Visor

  • Aerodynamic with round and rib design improves smooth airflow for better driving performance
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t peel off by itself
  • Made from 100% cast acrylic with nano technology
  • Uses imported adhesive tape which surpasses well known brand tape performance in the same category specifications
  • Proven and used by automotive manufacturers
  • Tinted transparent plastic offers better visibility than solid plastic
  • Able to withstand automated car wash machine

When driving in the rains:
  • Prevents rain water from coming in
  • Enable smooth air flow to prevent mist and fog on the windscreen and hence, gets better and clearer vision while driving
  • Comfortable drive when driving without air condition
When driving in the sun:
  • Deflects harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays
  • Reduce accidents caused by blinding sun rays
  • More protection and comfort to passengers
When in idle motion:
  • Acts as a safety feature to prevent car jacking
  • Able to have fresh air flowing in when leaving on the car at parking
When in the freeway:
  • Able to smoke a cigarette without switching off the air condition
  • Able to wind down window slightly without getting strong wind blow

Installation method for AG Door Visor

Step 1

Fitment trial to verify the correct model

Step 2

Clean the installation area

Step 3

Peel the corners of the tapeliner

Step 4

Mount the door visor to the installation area

Step 5

Peel off remaining tape liners

Step 6

Press firmly on the tape area

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