About Us

Corporate Profile

Automont Gatsby is the leading door visor manufacturer in Malaysia. Established since 1989, we are famous for our copyrighted round and rib design of door visor.

Besides AG door visor, we also manufacture reflector, sun roof and rear sun shade.

We have been supplying to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for more than a decade and we also own the largest automotive aftermarket. Due to high demands for our high quality products, prompt customer services, on-time delivery and affordable prices, we are constantly improving ourselves to meet above customer’s requirements.

Since 1999, we have diversified our product range. Through our sister company, Pan Concept Technology (PCT), we have ventured into luggage tray, body kits and custom-made products for different industries. PCT is a specialist in manufacturing plastic parts by utilizing vacuum forming technology. The machineries are brought in from Germany, Italy and Japan to ensure that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality without affecting cost-efficiency and on-time delivery. In order to become the leading manufacturer of vacuum-formed products, we have been constantly researching and developing new products for all industries. For more information, please visit www.panconcept.com.my.

Our Values

To continue to be the leading door visor manufacturer delivering high quality products at all time

Our Mission

  • We will be responsive to the feedbacks and complaints from our customers and excel in providing quality products and services
  • We subscribe to efficient corporate governance and high ethical values
  • We continuously strive to deliver superior financial returns through operational excellence and high performance standards
  • We provide an environment for our people to realize their full potential


Through continuous Research & Development and self-improvements, we aim not only to meet customers’ expectations but to be above customers’ expectations. We have been accredited with ISO certification since 2005.

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